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COPYWRITING FOR NEWS: Publishing a news release is a powerful marketing tool. It's the fastest way to increase visitors to your web site. The stories we write, end up in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USAToday, Bloomberg News, Yahoo! Finance, and 8000 other news outlets. Price ($750 copywriting and insertion fee included)

Reno Nevada Copywriting Services

A well crafted news release captures the medias attention, and makes your web site the target of millions of inbound visitors in just a matter of hours; so it's important to hire a team of internet specialists, and journalists that have experience in writing, and search engine optimization. A poorly written news story is a waste of time, and ends up on the newsroom floor.

Our writers, write for you. The story... surrounds your issue, and sites your company as an authority on the topic, and it highlights quotes from you, the expert. This news story is later copied by thousands of other news sources around the world all of which back-link to your web site. Within 24 hours, your idea on any topic is known - your position is backed up by thousands of online sources. Those news stories become blogs, and those become comments, and later Tweets, etc. The (ROI) is amazing.

Copywriting & Insertion Costs

There are two seperate charges: one for writing the news release, the other is the cost of insertion. Copywriting fees are $250. - Insertion costs are $500 per story. In order to reserve copywriting services we require with a $250 retainer which we apply to your writing fee. Once we design your news release, the insertion fee ($500) will be due.

Reputation under attack?

If your name or reputation have been attacked online, or if you need a media makeover, call (808) 250-1846. We can repair your reputation. For more information about RenoSEO™ Copywriting Solutions call (808) 250-1846 - or send us an Email.

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