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The most important part of this web page are the words, or "content" on the page - they have been written by a professional search engine copywriter. Our SEO copywriter knows what Google is looking for. She makes sure your topics are complete, and adds or deletes content as needed. If a web page is missing something, she adds it. Each web page goes thorough several changes before it's posted online.

The SEO Copywriter will check to see:

  1. Are your words "on topic" or better posted elsewhere?
  2. Is the page titled and taged correctly.
  3. Does this copy sell your product?

Before we rewrite your copy, we read every other web page that is related to your topic to make sure your page has the best information available, that's when we make out a plan for the final draft of the copy.

A well optimized web page will include reference links to web pages (with similar content). Our copywriters include this information in a sub-domain called "the directory". On average, an SEO will spend 2 hours to research and edit each web page, and an hour to add outbound links in the directory. To hire RenoSEO for copywriting services, we require a deposit of $250.00 (which are billed at $50 per hour.) Reserve your copywriter now!

Reno Nevada Copywriting Services

COPYWRITING ADVICE: "Whenever you write anything - remember - Google is looking for the best web page to offer related to your search term." The topic of this page is copywriting, so I have to keep it on message. Every sentence on this page better be related to copywriting, or it won't get to #1.

In the following tutorial, we will take a closer look into SEO copywriting using RenoSEO™ as an example. Use the same techniques when writing your web page.

As you know, we offer copywriting services in Reno, Nevada. The objective of this web page is to attracts Google, and makes you want to hire RenoSEO™ for copywriting services. If all goes well, you found this page on Google after you searched for the phrase:: Reno Copywriting.

Let's look at the previous paragraph and see how it was written, and how the "copywriting keyword" was used. At the end of the first sentence I added our copywriting keywords in this order:"copywriting services in Reno, Nevada" - then the next sentence ended with "RenoSEO™ (for) copywriting services". The last sentence took the main phrase and placed it in a bold heading.

Back to this free seo lesson... Step 1. Make Google find this page. You accomplish this by "providing the best content" possible, and with - search engine techniques - like the one I just did there, adding my "Copywriting" keywords in quotes, followed by a bold heading to another keyword; but be careful not to do it more than once per paragraph or you will be knocked out for spamming.

Next, I work my SEO copywriting keywords into the paragraph below-->

To be the #1 copywriter in Reno, we have to add the phrase Reno Copywriting Services at just the right intervals. When writing your web page, DO NOT over use your keywords. Below is an example of content SEO where we add our keywords and tag it with bold/italic font::

We Write News Releases!
RenoSEO™ Copywriting - Reno, Nevada!"

Below you will see another example of tagging your content with search engine optimization::

Reno Copywriting Since 1980
A Public Relations Firm
with Award Winning Journalists
Advertising & Marketing Consultants

Finally, to end this "copywriting tutorial", I am going to add an even bigger and bolder heading, with our web sites main keyword should do the same on your site. Look here -->

Reno Search Engine Optimization
Web Site Optimization * Reno Nevada

Today's free search engine optimization tutorial is brought to you by SEO Consultant Zane Durant * Reno Nevada. For more information about RenoSEO™ Copywriting Solutions call (808) 250-1846 - or send us an Email.

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